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    Hello All,
    Came across this name, Geneviette, on a real little girl who pronounces it the French way of ZHAHN-vee-ett. What are your impressions of it? Legitimate diminutive of Genevieve or too invented? What would be your first thought on pronunciation? Thank you!

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    I love Genevieve, but Geneviette seems like someone just stuck the 'ette' on the end, similiar to Paulette and Annette. If you live in the US, it might be hard for people to pronounve it the French way, although I agree that it's prettier.


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    I agree with @starcatcher668 completely. I don't know where you are, but in the US I doubt most will pronounce it correctly.I pronounce Geneviette like you said! At least with Genevieve, it still sounds pretty as Gen-uh-veev (the more typical American pronunciation), but Geneviette would be difficult to pronounce for most.

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    In order to pronounce that name as "zha-an-vi-ette," the accent aigu-- downward sloping accent on the E in GeneviEVe-- would have to be preserved. However, the -ette ending is not spelled with that accent. That's why it doesn't seem like a legitimate diminutive to me, but rather a cute pet name.
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