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    I like Laurie. It's a surname (a la Hugh Laurie) and might be best known as part of the combo Annie Laurie (of whom I know two, both in their early 30s).
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    Reminds me of Laurie (short for Laurence) from the book Little Women.. on a girl it does sort of seem 'old fashioned' because the only Laurie/Loris I know are in their 30-40s.
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    It's my cousin's middle name, who in turn was named for her only two aunts (my mother and her aunt) We like her name... we call her by both names all the time. She's in her teens... so I don't think it's THAT dated.
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    My best friend growing up was Laurie, nn for Laurel. She goes by Laurel now. I always loved it but she got called Lori a lot. The way she said it rhymed with sorry. I would be surprised to meet a little one now but I like it!

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    I like it as a nickname for something else. As a full name on its own it seems dated to me and I don't quite get the appeal. There are so many options from which to get to Laurie - Laura, Lauren, Laurel, and even more obscure ones like Laurentia, Laurette, and so on.

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