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    Baby girl name help

    My maiden name is Hayes. We are having a little girl and we like the name Hayes for her first name.... We just cannot come up with a middle name that goes well with it & I don't really like putting Hayes as the middle name... what middle name do you think goes well with Hayes for a girl?

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    Hayes Aubrielle (I see your name is Aubree )
    Hayes Jaelynn
    Hayes Skye
    Hayes Starr
    Hayes Brielle
    Hayes Sienna
    Hayes Nicole
    Hayes Jade

    Have you considered Hayes as a middle name instead? I think it would be fitting for a boy but not too sure how I am feeling about it for a girl. Hayley would be a nice alternative too. Good luck!

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    Congrats! I love maiden names as given names. However, I'd use something more feminine and traditional (maybe a family name?) to balance the combo and spell out the gender unequivocally.

    some ideas-

    Hayes Alexandra
    Hayes Arabella
    Hayes Adelaide
    Hayes Clementine
    Hayes Caroline
    Hayes Claudia
    Hayes Elizabeth
    Hayes Eva
    Hayes Eleanor
    Hayes Emmeline
    Hayes Florence
    Hayes Gabriella
    Hayes Genevieve
    Hayes Isabella
    Hayes Isadora
    Hayes Juliet
    Hayes Lydia
    Hayes Margaret
    Hayes Madeline
    Hayes Matilda
    Hayes Olivia
    Hayes Penelope
    Hayes Rebecca
    Hayes Rosalind
    Hayes Sophia
    Hayes Theodora
    Hayes Victoria
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    I think Hayes Isabella is great.
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