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    Red face 5 days to go! What are your thoughts?

    We seem to have a short list down, but I'm still not so sure... What are your thoughts on these combos?
    Please, suggestions are very welcome!

    Sloan Arabella
    Ava Sloan
    Scarlett Ivy
    Autumn Ivy/Rosabel
    Emilie Rosabel

    We also like Julia, Olivia, and Ruby, but don't have a middle name for each yet...

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    I like Scarlett Ivy best of all of them, but I'm bias, Scarlett is my middle name.

    Autumn Ivy is also a lovely combo.

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    Sloan Arabella- I am not a fan of Sloan, although I know it's a favorite around here. Arabella Sloan I like better
    Ava Sloan- I like Ava, but prefer Eva.
    Scarlett Ivy- this is pretty
    Autumn Ivy- I like Scarlett better with Ivy
    Emilie Rosabel- I actually like this a lot. But I love Em names

    Ruby Arabella--- I like the flow of this... despite the repeating b sound....
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    I've bolded the ones I particularly like.

    Sloan Arabella - Flows so nicely...yet Sloan is the name of a toilet
    Ava Sloan - it's in the middle now, so not as bad. Again the flow is nice.
    Scarlett Ivy - seems a little harsh sounding compared to the others
    Autumn Ivy/Rosabel - flow isn't as good here; but I'd stick with Autumn Rosabel. That way, she'd have at least one name that isn't a word
    Emilie Rosabel - so pretty, though she will spend her whole life going, "Emilie. With an I-E, not a Y."

    Let's see, for the others... (I don't know how good any of these are, I'm just putting them down as they come to mind)
    Julia Emilie
    Julia Sloan
    Julia Ruby
    Julia Ivy
    Julia Scarlett
    Julia Autumn
    Olivia Ruby
    Olivia Scarlett difficult...
    Ruby Mae
    Ruby Pearl (ha)
    Ruby Claire
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