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    I love reading through and analyzing your lists -- they've always got such neat names!
    Daphne Marcheline - I like Daphne a lot, it has a very elegant, British feel. Not sure how I feel about Marcheline. I don't like how the names look together in print...there are a lot of hard lines I guess. I'm just quirky like that though.
    Corinna Elowen - Both of these names are beautiful, but I don't like the flow of the combo. Looking at the other names on your list, perhaps you might also like Sabrina Elowen, Ivy Elowen, or Phoebe Elowen. Also, Corinna Reverie and Corinna Maple sound pretty to me!
    Ayla Pandara - Ayla is nice, but I don't like Pandara much. I prefer Paloma or Palasha.
    Daisy Thalassa - I don't prefer Daisy as a first name, also I can see it working and being quite nice. Thalassa is cool! Is it pronounced with a silent "h"?
    Sabrina Maple - I love this combo! Great mix of classic and whimsical and it flows so beautifully. I also think the name would suit many different personalities well.
    Aloisa Norabel - I love both names, but the combo seems to long. Perhaps Aloisa Poesy, Lainie Norabel, or Ivy Norabel?
    Miriam Lilac - This is so lovely! Perfect. I love the way it looks too with the i's and a's.
    Edith Tallulah - I guess I'm picky about Tallulah combos, haha. I like how Edith balances/grounds Tallulah, but I find it a little hard to say. I think Ivy Tallulah would be a good option.
    Phoebe Jovienne - This combo is fun and perky.
    Millicent Reverie - This combo is nice, but I don't love it. Maybe Millicent Sage or Edith Reverie?
    Saskia Bryony - This one is really neat! It sounds exotic in a good way
    Ivy Alexandrie - I really like Ivy, but I'm not sure that a name with the same sounding ending works best with it. I prefer Ivy Norabel or Ivy Tallulah. As a name though Alexandrie is really neat. It is very unusual and elegant! Would you consider it as a first name? Maybe Alexandrie Maple (hate to steal that from the Sabrina combo though!) or Alexandrie Sage?
    Lainie Fiorella - I love Lainie! Fiorella isn't my style, but it works with Lainie.
    Waverly Emmaliese - This combo is really nice! Waverly just has such a cool sound as does Emmaliese. I've never heard Emmaliese before -- I like it!
    Gwendoline Poesy - I love how these two names go together! Neither one is my style, but together, they sound really good!

    I can't remember what other names, if any, I suggested in the past, but I think you might also like:

    Some other combo ideas:
    Thea Reverie
    Althea Alexandrie
    Sylvie Tallulah
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    Combos I like:
    Miriam Lilac
    Edith Tallulah - prosperous in war / leaping waters
    Ivy Alexandrie - plant name / man's defender

    Combos that try a bit too hard (a little over the top), but I kind of like:
    Daphne Marcheline - laurel tree / warrior
    Daisy Thalassa - flower name, pearl / the sea
    Sabrina Maple - mythology name, river name / tree name

    Other combo ideas:
    Waverly Lilac
    Phoebe Juniper
    Gwendoline Bryony
    Daisy Reverie
    Corinna Norabel
    Daphne Tallulah
    Favorite girl names of the moment: Cecilia, Eleanor, Amelia, Violet, Charlotte, and Ramona

    Favorite boy names of the moment: Henry, Micah, Jack, Elijah, Owen, and Jonah

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    leonielee - thanks for going over my list and telling me your favorites.

    sunshine.10 - Of the combos you suggested I really like Ivy Elowen, Phoebe Elowen, Corinna Reverie, Corinna Maple, Lainie Norabel, & Ivy Norabel. I pronounce Thalassa with a soft 'Th' noise. I'm glad to introduce you to Emmaliese . I might consider some of your suggestions in the middle with the right first name, like Corinna Sylvie or Saskia Linnet. Thank you for your detailed feedback and combos.

    sadlola - thanks for picking your favorites! I really love to see what pops out at people. Of your suggested combos I really like Waverly Lilac, Phoebe Juniper, Gwendoline Bryony, Corinna Norabel.

    Thanks, again, everyone! My list is a work in progress and I appreciate the help

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