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    I think if you don't want a nn, it's possible to enforce it, especially if you start early. I knew two sisters, Anamaria and Daniela, and neither went by a nn. I also know a Gwendolyn who is just Gwendolyn (alternate, awful spelling, but still. Same sound), a Julietta who is just Julietta (from what I know--just a passing acquaintance), etc. I think it's possible if you keep to it. Of course this is all dependent on the kid by some point--perhaps Gwendolyn will want to be just Gwen, or Winnie, or even Dylan, or she'll love being just Gwendolyn.
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    If I were you, I'd go for the name you love and refer to her as that; if people try to shorten it then just gently correct them. My daughter is Dorothy, and her nn is Dolly - both of which I love. But sometimes people call her Dotty; I just lightly say 'Actually, she's a Dolly.

    I will say, however, that you will be correcting people a lot. For whatever reason, people always abbreviate. My parents called me Victoria, but don't like the nickname Vicky. In my opinion, that's just a little shortsighted as it's a pretty natural thing to happen. Also, prepare yourself for how you will feel if your child wants to abbreviate their name. No one else called me Vicky, but it's something I decided on as a young teenager and it has, of course, stuck. It's the reason I would use Marguerite, for example - it's a name I love, but I'm not a fan of Rita or Margie.

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    I think that children will be called what you call them upon first introductions. I'm a cheerleading coach, and we have Bella and Catherine; Bella's given name is Isabella, but her parents introduced her as Bella so that's what we call her. I think when the child is old enough to decide, it will be out of your hands.

    To be fair, I've always been Jamie, but my ENTIRE family still calls me Jammers. So, even if the child is called something else by her friends, family (specifically parents and grandparents) still have free reign to call them whatever.

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    My SO's parents didn't want to their children to have nn. They just asked people to please use their childs full name. so if your son's name were Michael you would just ask teachers to correct other students and would ask family members and friends not to shorten the name. Once my SO and his sister were old enough to decide she decided on 1 nn (that she never uses except for her email address) he decided on not using a nn. So (going along the previous example) he would always go by Michael and when people ask if they can call him Mike he just firmly say's "it's Michael".

    I think it's completely doable provided that one remains polite and firm about the choice for no nn with everyone - siblings, parents and the children themselves while they are young.
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