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    I'm not much of a nickname lover, either, so I've thought about this a lot. While some nicknames are harder to avoid than others, I want to believe there's no such thing as an unavoidable nickname. I think the key to avoiding nicknames is not letting them start. You have to be determined and consistent about correcting people, willing to speak up wherever you are, no matter how often it takes, and say "It's Danielle, not Dani." Unless you're dealing with people who have absolutely no respect for others, they'll call your child what you tell them to call her.

    After a certain point, of course, your child takes over ownership of her name, and correcting people (or not) becomes her responsibility. Even a child raised without a nickname can end up with one. The issue may not be as important to her as it is to you, or she may like nicknames and want to use one. If that happens, you have to accept it, so while I think there's nothing wrong with going the "no nicknames, please" route, I think every parent should make sure they can at least accept a name's nicknames in case that's their child's choice. If there's a nickname or multiple nicknames that would just kill you to have attached to your child, the name is best crossed off the list entirely.
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    I don't think you'll have too much of a problem only because I had a friend growing up named Daniella and we all called her by that. When we were younger we would sometimes call her Dani, but as we got older, it went back to Daniella. I think for kids, its much easier to say a shortened nickname than the full name which is why we start out with them. Getting older, we want to seem more mature so we start going by our full name instead of all the little nicknames we picked up along the way. Some people keep their nicknames, some people don't. But you have to realize as your daughter gets older, she's going to take control of her own name.
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    If you don't like the nickname, then just don't use them. If other people use them, well then it's up to them. Just don't use the nickname yourself.
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    I agree with everyone else - just gently correct people when they shorten the name. Keep in mind, as someone else has pointed out, that as they get older, they may choose to have a nick name, at which point it's not really up to you anymore. If you really hate it that much, I suggest finding another name. We did that with one of our girl names - Addyson - other than it's soaring popularity, we absolutely hate the nn Addy, and knew at some point, she would very likely be called that, and we wouldn't be able to change it. So it fell off our list.
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    IMO nn's are inevitable. It is up to the child to correct people for the rest of his/her life if they do not wish to go by a nn.

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