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    NO nns please.....

    I decided to make this post to get some of your opinions. I understand that some people like to give their children nn's (I myself like nn's for some names), however, what about those times when you don't want people to shorten your child's name to a nn. How do you deal with that. Example: a friend's child's name is Alessandra - but people call her "Alessa". Friend does not like the nn and wants people to use the child's full name, however, more and more people use the short version. I thought about this because I want to use the name "Daniella" - but I don't want the nns Dani or Ella or any of that. But its sure to happen. Sometimes I feel that while nns are nice, at other times, people select the name (long Katherine NOT Kate) because they fell in love with the name as is, and they just want to have their children called by that name, not a shorter version.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    I understand you completely. My DH and I do not like nicknames. Neither of us has ever had one and we didn't want our children to either. We named our daughter Juliette knowing that there are many NN for it. We have never once had someone try to shorten it. If someone did I would have no problem telling them to call her by her full name.

    My advice would be use the name you love. I wouldn't not use a name that is a favorite just because someone might try to nn her.
    If you tell people that you don't want a nn they will usually honor your wishes.
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    I am not against nn's, but, I do think that each parent should decide when a child is young (for instance, saying 'Her name is Katherine, we are calling her Katherine" if somebody starts with Kathy/Katie etc) and I also think that as a child gets older, they should have a say on their own name. I really dislike the assumption that "You are naming him James, but we will go by Jimmy or Jim", that was maybe the case in generations past, but now I hear of more children going by their given names then when I grew up. I think its lovely, actually. But, I would never name my child a name where I hated a possible nicname. We love Harrison, but I do not like Harry (with our last name) and I am open to the fact that it is a name that he might be called, so I avoid it all together.

    When I was younger, I was "Jenny" and once I hit junior high school, I decided to go by Jenn. Not Jen, Jenn, because there were a gazillion Jen's and I saw somewhere a girl went by "Jenn" and so that is what I wanted to do too. My parents and family did not take to it well, I was Jenny or Jennifer, not "Jenn". To this day (I am 33), I have family members who still call me Jenny, and while I am mature enough to just "let it go", I also wish they would respect me as an individual enough to call me by what I call myself.

    Having older children myself, my oldest prefers to go by Sebastian (he went by Sebby and Seb when he was young, but now, goes by his full name at school and that is how people refer to him) and my oldest dd goes by her full name too. I respect that, even if I do think Seb is a cool nn, and if he decides to be "Bastian" or "Bas" while not my favorite versions, I would call him those too.
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    I think if you let people know, "no, he/she goes by their full name" they will respect it. I know of a Catherine and Katherine who both go by their full names. It seems weird to try to call them Cate/Kate.
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    I, too, believe if you let others around you know that your child only goes by their full name, they will respect your wishes. I have a cousin who was taught at a very young age to correct those who tried to shorten her name to a common nickname. However, both her siblings go by a short variant of theirs.

    Also, I was given a nickname when I was younger. However, I never really cared for it, at first. The lady just couldn't say my name right, and decided upon herself to give me a nickname, even though I told her I didn't care for it. When I started to having nieces, I couldn't stand them messing up my first name, so I initiated them calling me by that old nickname. I guess it was just easier for all of us.

    The adults mostly call me by my given name and the children 16 and younger call me by my nickname.

    I know a girl who went by her middle name among her family and close friends, and her first name in school.

    I think when your child gets older they will decide whether or not they prefer to go by a nickname (first name related or something totally different. ie. First name Caroline and she goes by Stretch.) Sometimes it happens in high school and/or college, or because they think it fits their personality better. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. You, as the parents, can still call him/her by their given name. I have seen it happen both ways.

    Although, I have nicknames listed in my siggy, it does not necessarily mean I will always enforce it upon my child. I have a pet-peeve against people butchering up some of the easiest names, at least to my ideal, because it happened to me. So, a nickname, is one alternative to giving my child an option, if they so choose, to offer to that person as another form for them to use.
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