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    A mn name for Waverly!

    I am 93% sure she's going to be Waverly Wells, now I just need your opinions on a middle name! Some I have tossed around are:

    Waverly Kate Wells (SO's Dad loves the name Kate)
    Waverly Grace Wells (my sister's name)
    Waverly Ann Wells (my Mom's mn)
    Waverly Winter Wells (I couldn't resist the suggestion, my own initials are SSS and she IS due in January!)

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    caty_beth89 Guest
    I love them all! lol The middle name isn't often used by other people so I would take the opportunity to put whatever you want in there. Waverly Winter Wells is quite the name, I must say. Not in a bad way though! It almost sounds literary or something. The only other thing I have to say is maybe try combining a couple of your other options for a double barreled middle. I don't usually like or suggest this, but there's something about Waverly Grace-Ann that has me swooning. lol I often call my son by both his first and middle and if I had a daughter named Waverly Grace-Ann I would definitely call her by her full name.

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    I like the 3-1-1 cadence of you monosyllabic middle names. If the family is pulling for Kate, then fine. Otherwise I find these combos appealing:

    Wynne (WWW preserved!)

    I think Winter in particular doesn't work due to the repeated ERs... But there are other W options:

    Waverly Weston Wells
    " Wyndham
    " Whitman
    " Woodruff
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    I like Waverly Winter Wells! It just works despite the triple W's and the double -ers, and I agree that it sounds literary. If you decide that it's too much, than I would go with Waverly Kate Wells. When I say Grace Wells together, all I hear is Gray Swells... kinda gross... :/
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    I like Waverly Winter Wells too. So, vote for WWW. Followed by Waverly Ann and Waverly Kate.

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