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  • Zoe Miriam Elise

    7 33.33%
  • Zoe Miriam Rose

    3 14.29%
  • Zoe Madeleine Rose

    11 52.38%
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    One more poll about Zoe. I posted in the baby forum but have since narrowed down

    So for once I got my DH to actually give me some legitimate input on some names. Here are our top two contenders for middles for Zoe. DH favors Madeleine a little more than Miriam. I love both! He actually wanted Madelyn as a first but we had a good friend use Adelyn and I changed it to the more classic spelling since it would be a middle. Feel free to comment and give suggestions and if you voted strongly for one. Thanks! Elise and Rose are family names.

    Zoe Miriam Elise/Rose (I like both Elise and Rose a lot. this combo got 8 votes on my earlier poll)
    Zoe Madeleine Rose (I do not like Elise with Madeleine)
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    Zoe Madeleine Rose is my favourite.
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    I LOVE Zoe Miriam Elise. The combo is beautiful. I also like that Miriam and Elise are not your typical mn fillers, plus they seem to pair beautifully with Zoe.

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    If you love Madeleine/Miriam equally, but your husband has a slight preference for Madeleine, then I would definitely go for Zoe Madeleine Rose. It's a gorgeous combo, and I personally like it better, too!

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    I like Zoe Miriam Elise, as those are three names I would use myself if my SO hadn't shot them down. However, since your husband likes Madeleine, I think Zoe Madeleine Rose is very pretty.
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