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    Thoughts on Hailey?

    I've realised there are a lot of girls over 13 here named Hailey, so it got me to thinking. It's a pretty name, and sound imo. A bit...ho-hum and common seeming, but nice none the less. I do like it.

    What do you think of the name Hailey? Would you use it, or like to hear it used?
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    Confession time: I actually love Hailey to bits. It's super popular/common, which is sad, but it's such a sweet name. My biggest problem with it is that I have a hard time seeing it on a girl older than about grade two :P I would use it if it weren't so dang popular!

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    I agree!i think Hailey is a great name. I know quite a few Haileys each girl very different, yet the name suits each one.
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    I actually like Halle better than Hailey but I think it is a cute name.
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    I admit, I do like the name even though it's over used.

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