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    My vote goes to Alice Bradley. I also like Blythe Anna, but it runs together a bit and sounds like one long name. I prefer Alice Bradley for the literary associations with Alice in Wonderland, and I'm a huge fan of maiden names in the first or middle spot.
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    I like Alice Bradley-- the flow is melodious, and it's a nice mix of the classic and the unexpected. Blythe is pretty in meaning and on paper, but a bit blunt to the ear. Anna doesn't do much to soften it (maybe because it blurs easily into blythanna?) Poppy to mean is insubstantial and childish... And makes me think of opium. I understand what you were getting at with Islet, but don't care for it, even though it somewhat grounds Poppy,

    I echo previous posters-- maybe play with the combos a bit more?

    Alice Blythe
    Anna Blythe
    Blythe Bradley
    Blythe + something ornate, like Corisande, Isabeau, Alessandra...
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    Alice Bradley is lovely. Family names are always a plus!

    Blythe Anna is cute, too - but I prefer Blithe, since that's how the word is usually spelt.
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    The three name combinations are important to us for different reasons. There is a reason for each one...if we change the combinations (too much)--it causes issues. Spellings must stay the same. These are ALL important family affiliations--one from my side and one from DH's side.

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