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    I had an uncle who named his pitbull Clapton. Then the dog died and he got another pitbull and named it Clapton 2. This dog had such a strong bite that my uncle attached a chew-toy to the flagpole wire in his front yard and raised the dog up it at his Fourth of July barbecue. Naming your daughter Carlin after George Carlin makes me think (affectionately) of my hick uncle and his dog.

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    I like Shaelyn

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    I really dislike Carolyn because I'm a Caroline and it always gets confused.

    I do however like Evelyn, Gwendolyn, and Marilyn quite a bit.
    I dislike when it feels like the -lynn is just tacked on the end (like the scene from Ted that has already been referenced) or when I feel like it should be a -line or -leen instead!

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    I am not a fan of Carlin. I know of a guy that was named Carlin and one of my friends named their daughter Karlynn nn Karlie. They were originally going to name her Karlie Lynn but changed it to Karlynn being the first name. I do not like it. And I am a fan of both surnames as names and unisex names. For some reason this one just doesnt' do it for me. I do love nn Carly though.

    -lyn names I like...

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    A former co-worker of mine is named Carlyn and she is one of the sweetest women I know, so nothing but good associations for me. She is in her 50s, so it doesn't feel trendy to me.

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