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    All those "lyn" names.

    After reading a few posts, I keep thinking about how popular names that end in "lyn" are. I am fond of a few myself. My DH and I were chatting and he suggested what may be my favorite 'Lyn' name - Carlin. The name means little champion, which I personally think is great, and DH is a big fan of George Carlin ( maybe most would not consider him a great role model, but both of us want our children to think for themselves, something Carlin definitely did). What do you think of the name, especially for a girl? Feel free to add your favorite "lyn' names as well.

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    Carlin is a good name, although I'd be inclined to prefer it on a boy. I'm sure that's change if I met a female one though

    I'm partial to Kaylin and Caitlin myself
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    I'm not a fan of Carlin at all, sorry! Probably because I'm not a fan of George Carlin. At all.

    I really love Caitlin, Gwendolyn, Jocelyn, and Madeleine. Gracelyn's a GP of mine, too, but I wouldn't use it.
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    Carlin's not really my taste, but even though I wouldn't use it I think there are a lot of aspects of it that make it a really great, wearable name - it has sounds in common with many names that pretty frequently used right now (Carly, Carolyn, Caitlin) but Carlin itself isn't widely used, the meaning "little champion" is pretty awesome, and I like the George Carlin reference.

    "Lyn" names lately make me think of that Ted trailer where they list off all of the "whie trash" lyn names (, which isn't a great association, but I think Carlin is sort of removed from that, I guess because the "lyn" there seems like a part of the name rather than an added on component.

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    It's still too surname-y for my taste, but i don't think it would stand out that much these days... i do think it might be better on a boy, but who knows.

    My favorite -lyn names are Jocelyn, Adelyn, and Caitlin.

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