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    what is your favorite name from this list? suggestions?

    Last name sounds like Garris. Which one or two are your favorites? Do you like a name and not a combo? Opinions? Suggestions? Dislikes? Which two would you give to sisters? Thanks, Berries.

    Rosemary Caterina - the rosemary plant / pure
    Felicity Lior - happy / my light, i see
    Naomi Clover - my joy, my delight / flower
    Guinevere Liora - white shadow, white wave / light
    Lilac Constance - flower, color / steadfastness
    Phoebe Emmaliese - radiant, shining one / universal
    Tabitha Felicie - gazelle / lucky, happy
    Ottoline Ruth - prospers in battle / compassionate friend
    Edith Alexandrie - prosperous in war / man's defender
    Imogen Elara - beloved child / moon of Jupiter, mythology name
    Esme Jovienne - esteemed, beloved; or emerald / Jupiter
    Miriam Norabel - wished-for child / beautiful light
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    My favourite is Phoebe Emmeleise. Phoebe has been on my list for a very long time, and Emmeleise is unusual, but very, very pretty. (I've had a sort of name crush on Anneliese for a while now, but this might be even better )

    If Phoebe were to have a sister, I would choose either Esme Jovienne or Tabitha Felicie, though to be honest I prefer Tabitha Felicity.

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    Cool names! My two favorites (names I'd use) are Edith and Rosemary.
    Rosemary Lior, Felicity Lior, Naomi Lior
    Phoebe Liora, Phoebe Clover
    Guinevere... I didn't know it had such a beautiful meaning. Not sure about the right middle for this one. Maybe something short and refreshing, like Kay.
    Miriam Norabel, Miriam Elara
    Edith Felicity? Definitely Edith.
    Constance Ruth
    I like Lilac too, but not with Constance. Maybe with something surnamey?

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    sis: thank you! Emmeliese / Emmaliese is a new crush of mine. Phoebe Emmeliese's initials would be PEG - is that ok? Phoebe Emmeliese & Esme Jovienne I love that. I like Felicity, too, but I have been dancing around some varients of my favorite names & Felicie is a new crush. I really love the thought of it in the first spot (nickname Licie "Lee-Cee", or Filly, or Lele "Lee-Lee"...) but everyone thinks I'm nuts.

    emmabobemma: thanks! I really love Lior in the middle and I like all the suggestions you made. I was thinking about Guinevere Ruth, Guinevere Sage, or Guinevere Lior. Constance Ruth is beautiful but a touch on the serious side for me. What middles would you suggest for Lilac Garris?

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    My favourite is Edith Alexandrie. Such a strong name but also really pretty.
    2nd and 3rd would be Guinevere Liora and Felicity Liora.

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