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    Which one do you like best?

    Skylar Jean
    Shiloh Jean

    These are the top names on our girl list, however I am not convinced that they flow well with our last name which is very similar to Butler. I like Skylar, DH loves, loves, loves Shiloh!


    Other names we like are Allie (but don't like Allison, or many names in which Allie could be a NN) and Kiersten (pronounced Keer-Sten)

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    I definitely prefer Shiloh- I love the sound of the name. I dislike Skylar, because of sound and popularity. HTH!

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    I like Skylar better, I'd say.

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    I think Skylar Jean flows better. However, if your last name is similar to "Butler" then maybe not so much. I definitely prefer Shiloh to Skylar as stand alone names. I think Jean is just throwing me off. Does the MN have to be Jean? Could you maybe add a second MN? I don't usually like or recommend that, but I think in this case it would really help with the flow. For example....

    Shiloh Amelia Jean Butler
    Shiloh Coralie Jean Butler
    Shiloh Victoria Jean Butler
    Shiloh Elizabeth Jean Butler
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

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    Baby #3 is due on Turkey Day 2015!

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    I love both! But Skylar slightly more than Shiloh. Not so much a fan of Jean, that's my moms middle name and she hates it haha, but to each is own.
    Kiersten Skylar, Shiloh Kiersten, Kierstan Shiloh, Skylar Kiersten are all nice too..

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