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    Sibset Opinions?

    2 boys ~ Brennan Isaiah & Evan Jeremiah
    1 girl ~ Melodie Rose


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    Brennan Isaiah and Evan Jeremiah rhyme... if that doesn't bother you I like them... not the biggest fan of Brennan, but love Isaiah, Evan and Jeremiah. Melodie Rose is pretty.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Thank you. They are already here and named, Brennan was the Irish form of Brandon, which is what his father wanted to name him and I changed it at the last minute. "Isaiah" and "Jeremiah" being biblical, but also personal. Evan was originally "Aidan" until I saw another baby at the hospital with that same name, middle name as well, and I changed that immediately. Melodie ... she was our surprise.

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