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    Holly and Olive - too similar for sisters that are 18mths apart?

    Hi all,

    We are about to have our 3rd child. We already have a boy - Elijah Montgomery and a girl - Holly Amelia Louise.

    We are expecting a little girl and love the name Olive - but not sure if it is too similar to Holly (esp if she ends up being nicknamed Olly/Ollie...) By choice as a nickname we would call her Livvy or perhaps Liv when she's older. We also really love the names Clara and Rose. It is a family tradition for girls to have 2 MNs. I am quite partial to flower/plant names - but want to steer away from the really popular ones e.g.: lily, poppy, daisy...

    Any suggestions much appreciated

    sarah x

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    Yeah, they're pretty similar. They almost rhyme.

    Clara Emily Rose?
    Estelle Olive Mae?
    Ada Magnolia Rose? (depends where you stand on the how much is too much floral/plant)
    Azalea Olive Mae?
    Celia Olive Rose?
    Clara Violet Pearl?
    Willa Juliet Pearl?
    Clara Daphne Pearl?
    Clara Daphne Elise?
    Olivia Lilac Rose?
    Laurel Olivia Rose? I really like this one
    Eleanor Sarah Daphne?
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    They are both great names, but, yes, they do sound too much alike to me. In both names that 'ol' sound just kind of fills your mouth, doesn't it? Surprising, because the names look quite different.

    If you want a botanical name, how about Hazel, Rosemary, or Juniper?

    One question, though--will your son end up feeling like the odd one out if his sisters have names that belong to a set, but his doesn't?

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