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    Best middle name for Ruth

    I've settled on the first name for my daughter, but I'm still trying to figure out the best middle name that will go with Ruth. Please don't suggest names like Ann, Lynn, Marie, etc as middle names; I'd like something long, preferable poly-syllablic.

    I was thinking Ruth Cordelia or Ruth Eliana or something to that effect.

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    Ruth Elizabeth would be gorgeous, IMO!

    Some other suggestions:

    Ruth Evangeline (Oo, I really like this one, too!)
    Ruth Victoria
    Ruth Alexandra
    Ruth Cassandra
    Ruth Josephine
    Ruth Caroline
    Ruth Julianna
    Ruth Anastasia
    Ruth Abigail
    Ruth Margaret
    Ruth Ophelia
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    I love Ruth! My favorite combo is Ruth Naomi
    Current favorites:
    Lucy Caroline and Thomas Cyprian

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    I love the suggestion of Ruth Evangeline! Gorgeous!
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    there are 2 ruths in our family:

    Ruth Liora and
    Ruth Dianna (yes, she spells it with 2 ns)

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