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    Dorothy vs. Delia?

    We have narrowed down our choices to 2 names: (1) Dorothy Ann (nn "Dottie") or (2) Delia (mn June, Brooke, or Margot). Both have family significance, but we are leaning toward Dorothy Ann, but are worried that it may sound a bit too old old-ladyish.

    We are running out of time and welcome your thoughts!!

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    Myself, I'd go with Delia and the middle name combinations you picked with it are lovely, I particularly like Delia June and Delia Margot.

    If you are going to use Dorothy as a first name, I'd use a different middle name than Ann.

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    I absolutely love Delia. There's a super strong female character in my favorite book series named Delly so it reminds me of her, but besides that, Delia just sounds fresher and very pretty. I'd go with Delia Margot. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    i prefer delia out of the two options - def trends a bit younger.

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    Dorothy Ann is my mother's name, and she is not an old lady (she's in her early 50's) but she's always said she has an old lady name. I, however, think that Dorothy is ready for a comeback and Ann is an awesome classic name. Delia June is adorable as well
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