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    A Naming Quiz - Your Naming Profile (Part I)

    How would you describe your naming style? (FN)

    Classic Conservative - Elisabeth
    Classic Unusual - Isobel
    Modern Conservative - Emma
    Modern Unique - Renesmee
    Other - Becca

    At what age did you first get obsessed about names, or naming in general? (MN)

    Under 10 - Evangelina
    Tweens/Teens - Maeva
    20 or above - Veronica

    Daughter #1 - ______

    What do you do outside of Nameberry to satisfy your naming obsession? (FN)

    Read baby-naming books - Lysander
    Just visit other naming sites - Timon
    Name everything you own - Mason
    Write stories/novels/books with wonderfully named characters or read stories/novels/books - Digory
    Other - Rhett

    What do you love most about names (in general)? (MN)

    The creativity - Will
    The meanings - Dion
    The origin - Uriah
    Other - Rhys

    Son #1 - ______

    I might create more Naming Profile quizzes, so stay tuned!
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