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    I like Georgia better but I see it as a place-name so I don't think she would get picked on. I do see the 'virgin' thing but since it is a state I think it would be fine. .

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    My great aunt is Annie Virginia, nn A.V. or Annie V but I didn't start loving the name until recently when Macy's started doing the Christmas commercials with the little cartoon Virginia. My Annie ("Annie" also means Aunt/Auntie) is the only Virginia I've ever now.

    Always hated Ginny/Jenny. Maybe Nia or Gina instead? And I hate to say it but I can picture some little boy teasing a Virginia with "vagina". Still love it though

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    I know a Virginia in her late 70s who often goes by Jenna. She's a bit sharp-tongued and fiery, so I doubt anyone got away with teasing her name, assuming that ever happened.

    Nevertheless, I don't think teasing would really be an issue; it's not as if it's something with obvious teasing potential like Dorcas.
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    I've never meet a Virginia before but I lived in Virginia for 5 years and now live in DC. So I clearly think of the state before I think of the word Virgin.
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    Thanks for all your input you guys! It seems like it would all depend on the kids in her school... We will have to think about it some more, since there are other names that don't have an obvious teasing factor.

    rachelxoxo~ I LOVE the name Georgia! Sadly, I can't use it because my nephew is George, and we are a close knit family.
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