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    Would she get picked on??

    Hi Nameberries! Still trying to find that perfect girls name... So, one of my favorite names I have put out of my mind for a long time because I worry that she would get picked on mercilessly. Virginia. I think it is beautiful! But the real reason I love it is because it makes me think of my childhood and reading, "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus." I just think of one of my favorite parts, "Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias." Shouldn't there always be little Virginias? But would she be made fun of? Is the Virgin part of the name just too strong? What do you guys think? Have you known any Virginias? How do they feel about their name?

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    Oh I love that line too, such a lovely reason for a name! I absolutely love the "story" behind it.

    I know an older Virginia who goes by Ginny (That whole Gin- thing almost feels fresh thanks to Ginnifer Goodwin, at least to me) and I knew a Virginia Ann who was a couple years ahead of me in grade school. I don't think a little Virginia would get teased for it! I hope you consider it since it sounds like it's a long time favorite.

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    I would say when they are little it wouldn't matter since a child shouldn't know the word virgin until puberty. By then one would hope kids wouldn't be vicious and that she has a good group of friends that won't pick on her.

    However, if it does become an issue, she could easily pick up a nickname like Ginny or Gina.

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    I grew up with a Virginia in the mid 90s. She went by Ginnie all the time which I think is a shame. To me Virginia is nice but Ginnie is shrill.

    No Virgin teasing and I knew her during prime name teasing time!

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    Perhaps I grew up in a particularly merciful pocket of the US, but the Virginias I know both went by Ginny and never, ever had any difficulty with their name. I think a girl called Viriginia has it a LOT easier than a guy called Virgil.

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