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    What do you think of the name Jude? Middle name suggestions?

    We want to give our son a name that starts with a J to honor my husband's grandfather. We like short one syllable names. Our final choices were Jude, Jace, and Jack but decided on Jude. We are still deciding on a middle name. Our first choice is Noah, after my dad. Also in running are Richard (my grandfather), Benjamin, and Alexander.

    So what do you think of the name Jude? With those middle names? Any other middle name suggestions are appreciated!

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    Jude Noah is adorable, and it has family ties for both of the names, which is great! Just don't make the middle name anything with a D or use Jude if your last name begins with D, because it turns into "Jew" when you say them together. At the very least, you'd have to repeat yourselves a lot.

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    I agree Jude Noah is super adorable, but it works for a grown man too. I also really like the flow and rhythm of Jude Alexander.

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    Jude Noah is lovely, although if I'm being honest, I prefer Jude with a longer MN.

    Jude Alexander is great.

    Jude is a favorite of mine and these are the combos I personally like:

    Jude Christopher
    Jude Nathaniel
    Jude Valentine
    Jude Sebastian
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Elisabeth Aurelia ⋆ Iris Christabel ⋆ Ada Marianne ⋆ Harriet Cordelia ⋆ Dorothea Helen
    Asher Benedict ⋆ Joah Valentine ⋆ Samuel Archer ⋆ Nicholas Bertram ⋆ August Lysander

    Current guilty pleasures: Mehetabel + Bartholomew

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    Jude Alexander is my favourite combo from your list. Jude Benjamin would be my second choice. I prefer something longer in the middle spot with the one-syllable Jude.
    All the best,

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