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    Cora Shane? Cora Shaynee?

    I would really like to honor my sister named Shaynee in our daughter's name (due in November). Her first name will be Cora and I'm wondering what sounds better, Cora Shane or Cora Shaynee. Neither one would necessarily be my first choice if I were just picking a MN I loved with Cora, but my sister is very important to me and I would love to honor her. Would love to get all of your thoughts on these two options (and if you can think of a better way to honor a Shaynee please let me know!)

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    I don't love either of the options, but Cora Shay popped into my head and I'm loving it!

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    I was also going to suggest Cora Shay :-)

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    I love Cora Shane (though I'd spell it Shayne). Cora Shaynee could work as long as your last name isn't a "2 syllable/stress on the first syllable" name.
    And I agree with the previous posters - Shay is a good alternative if you like it.
    Btw, your parents are awesome. Shaynie was a pick of mine for a long time, but it sounds wretched with my married last name.

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    I like the sound of Cora Shane the best. I also think Cora Shay is pretty.

    Shaynee is listed as a varient of Shaina which means 'beautiful'.
    Here's a nameberry list of names that mean beautiful:

    Here are a bunch of names that mean beautiful with Cora:
    Cora Jolie
    Cora Mei
    Cora Bella
    Cora Keeva
    Cora Anwen
    Cora Shaina
    Cora Bellerose
    Cora Caily
    Cora Bonnie
    Cora Calista
    Cora Astrid
    Cora Callie
    Cora Belle
    Cora Tove
    Cora Calla
    Cora Zuri
    Cora Alina
    Cora Marabel
    Cora Xin
    Cora Calliope
    Cora Nayana
    Cora Mio

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