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    Match the Siblings!

    Okay, so I got the idea for this from niiskuneiti, and thought I'd give it a try. This is just a list of sib sets that I know or know of. I will leave the youngest child blank and tell you what gender it is, and you have to try and guess the youngest kid's first name of every sib set. After I get a good many posts, I will post the answers so be sure to subscribe to this thread! So, here we go and happy guessing!

    Matthew, Rachel and (girl)
    Emaline (Emily), Liam, Fisher, Wyatt and (girl)
    Linda and (girl)
    Lucy, Harry and (boy)
    Kendall and (girl)
    Molly and (girl)
    Timothy and (boy)
    Eleanor and (boy)
    Ashley, Shannon, Cassie and (boy)
    Elliot, Emily and (boy)

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