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    I really like Calypso and the nn of Callie or Calla. I may feel a little intimidated using it but if it fits your family then go for it. I think it is a great beachy name for a girl as well as having literary roots.

    Agree. If you really love it then put it into the first spot. I like Calypso Sophia. Also Sophia is getting really popular!

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    No one seems to be considering how Eva will feel having a sister with a much more unusual and fascinating name. This is worth thinking about. Like naming one daughter Emma and the other one Persephone. I like the name Calypso, really like the literary association, the nickname potential--there's a lot to like....But I would consider the group of names in your little family--not only Eva, but also yours and your husband's. Calypso might feel she has a lot to live up to, like she's supposed to be the family artist, or the daring one, or the happy-go-lucky one, etc.

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    I would love to be named Calypso!
    25 year-old name lover and cat-momma to Clover and Calvin

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    I really like Calypso. I'm not too fond of *really* weird names, but I think Calypso is nice!

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