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    Most definitely not, no matter how much I loved the name, I wouldn't use a first name that was outrageous if there was a high chance that my child would hate it, have a hard time carrying it.

    To me that would be me being selfish and not considering the fact that my child's the one carrying the name, and the one that has to go through her whole life with it and likely her tastes will be very different from mine. If I loved the name that much then I'd save it for the middle spot, and call her by her middle from time to time. Putting such a statement name up front when I have worries of her disliking it would be a huge deterrence for me.

    It's her name, and I'd have to put myself in her shoes and think about if it's worth risking her unhappiness and adding more challenges. I know that I would resent the name if my parents put their "love of a name" over the very real challenges and annoyances I'd have to go through, and if I ended up hating my name. It's easier to accept a less outrageous name than it is to accept a more outrageous one. I speak from experiences. It's important to consider what the child would have to go through with the name you intend to give them, how you feel saying it around others, how you'd explain choosing it etc.
    Note, I don't think she'll resent YOU, more so the NAME if she grew up to not like it.

    I view names as a gift, when you're buying a gift for someone else you don't by something that you like most, you buy something that you think they'd like most. And I use that line of thinking when picking out names for future kids, but since I'm not even married at this point, nor expecting for at least another 7 or so years, it's mostly combos I like myself. Since you're pregnant, (I'm assuming) you have more of an in-tune connection with your baby, and experience with a child. You'll know you child better than we can, so go with your gut instinct. (pardon the pun), as well as your husband's input. It's his child too.

    In your case, I think something like Sasha Calypso is a good compromise. You can call her Calypso as much as you like as well. My brother who's 13 goes almost exclusively by his middle name.
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    I say go for it and name her Calypso. She may eventually not like it but I don't think she'd resent you for giving her a name that is "full of deep significance" to you. If you're really worried though I second the ideas of giving her a nn like Callie, or a "normal" middle name she could go by if she wants. However, I think she'll appreciate your bohemian style and boldness.

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    I think you should use what you love and don't worry about what anyone else might think. I'd rather my child have a cool and beautiful name like Calypso than something "safe" like Charlotte, Emma, etc.

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    Just to respond to the pp about a name being a gift so pick one your baby will love over what you love...

    It's pretty impossible to predict your childs taste, what the trends will be in 16 years, where she will live as an adult/what profession she will pick, I think when my daughter was a newborn it was even difficult to determine what she would end up looking like in the future!

    I think that names shouldn't be chosen just with your heart. No matter how pretty they sound to someone names with built in insults should be considered, names like Adolf should be avoided, names that are confusing &unfamiliar seem especially cruel....

    Calypso is none of these things imo. Calypso is a bold choice, but it's fine! Not offensive or confusing or unwearable at all! And to top it off you want to give her a 'normal' nickname just in case she dislikes Calypso. AND Calypso has a few easy/simple nn options!

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    I am struggling with Ariadne. Mr. J and I both love it, but it's very different from the other names we agreed on (Hazel, Ruby, Rose, etc.). We don't know how others would take it or if our future daughter would struggle with anything because of her name...

    I like Calypso! We can definitely relate on our taste in mythology-related names If you love it, use it. I need to follow my own advice here, too, but I can understand the hesitation about using a unique name. I think it's a tiny bit more known to the general public because of Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a very strong name with sweet nicknames
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