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    I know a baby Calypso! My first association was with Calypso music and dolphins and turquoise blue.. and I thought it was a bit much. Then I listened to Sir Ian McKellan read the Odyssey on tape, and realized it's the name of the temptress nymph who keeps Odysseus spellbound on her island... and I thought, "what a cool, literary name!" Seriously, every name sounds good when Sir Ian says it.
    Only other name that really grabs me from your list is Lilou. So French and sexy. She could always go by Li in situations where she felt Lilou was too playful. Do you like Callie? Because that's the inevitable nickname with Calypso. Personally I like Lilou more than Callie. I guess you could do Sosie. Chiara spelled Khiara gives me the heebie-jeebies. Sophia is the most popular name for a girl, but if you love it...

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    Give her a normal middle name she can use in case she hates her first name. Calypso Sophia sounds beautiful. I actually know a little Calypso, and that's what her parents did. She suits her name perfectly, and everyone who meets her compliments her parents on her name.

    My boyfriend and I have a list of some quite unusual names we want to use on Baby, but we'll combine it with something more normal for her/his sake.
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    I think a nick-name goes a long way in softening the initial impressions. I know what you mean about being concerned about how the name you love will go over and my husband and I are almost positive now that if baby is a girl, she will be November. Like Calypso (Caly, Calla), she has usable nickname possibilities (Novi, Nova), so if we have any concern about certain people being less receptive we will say "This is November, we call her Novi" or we will just introduce her as Nova or Novi to those people. It is nice when your 'out there' name has some versatility for your daughter, whatever she ends up liking.

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    Honestly, I would put it in the middle spot. It's just such a strong - and, for lack of a better word, out there - name that I feel could be difficult to pull off. At least if it's her middle name she could have the option of using it later if she wishes, whereas if it was her first name and she h-a-t-e-d it she would have to go to court to get it legally changed. She would probably go by Caly most of the time anyway, which might defeat the purpose if you really only love the name in full. Something like Calla or Calista would probably be easier to live with. My friend has this trick: go out to your backyard (or park, wherever), and yell the name like you would if you were calling your child. If it doesn't feel natural, don't use it.

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    I really like Calypso and the nn of Callie or Calla. I may feel a little intimidated using it but if it fits your family then go for it. I think it is a great beachy name for a girl as well as having literary roots.


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