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    For all you really creative namers out there...

    What did/would you do if you love a really outrageous but beautiful name? Would you use it regardless of what others may think or say behind your back? Would you use it even if there's a chance your baby will hate their name or have a hard time carrying it?

    I'm struggling with the name Calypso. I obviously adore it. It is full of deep significance to me personally, but as much as I love it, I am afraid of it.

    Do I go against my artistic/exotic Bohemian style and use a more common/acceptable first name (like Sophia), and save Calypso for the middle? I must say that I love Sophia Calypso, but she will be known as Sophia, not Sophia Calypso *very sad face*
    Or do I say so what if my family and friends hate Calypso? But what the baby grows to resent me for it?

    We also like but don't love:
    Sasha - I'm concerned Sasha is a bit mediocre
    Chiara - DH will only spell Chiara with a K, and that makes it lose it's cool charm imo.
    Sophia - beautiful, but too expected and ordinary.
    Lilou - DH thinks it sounds too "ditsy".
    Willa - I love this so much but it reminds DH of Wilma Flinstone

    Her big sister's name is Éva Natalia (EY-va). While I love her name, I despise meeting other little Ava's all the time. I really would like to avoid a common name this time around.
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    Yes, yes & yes I did. Arrow for my girl. :-)

    Calypso could work with nickname Caly.

    My new neighbor does in home massages & calls her business Calypso. The only reason I had already heard of that before was from nameberry. :-)

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    Do what you love. IMO. I like to think I take risks when naming and have had complete strangers go out of their way to walk over and compliment my sons' names. A lot of my friends and family gave me the crazy eye when I told them Pilot's name but they would all agree that it fits him perfectly. I regret not giving Dexter an equally unusual name but my husband chose it.

    I think if you love Calypso, than you should name her Calypso.
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    I don't think she will hate it. Or resent you. I hate my name, but I have never resented either parent for it! Obviously they didn't know I would dislike it.

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    Calypso is daring, but has Caly or Calla in there which I think she could go by if she dislikes having such a stand-out name when she's older.

    Calypso is not my style, yet I wouldn't dislike being named Calypso. I think you should absolutely put the name that you love in the first name spot as long as it isn't one that sets her up for ridicule & confusion. Calypso is easily pronounced, familiar, pleasant sounding, ect....

    I know what you mean about preparing yourself for the comments or the ones you know are happening behind your back. When I was pregnant and brought up the name Leonie my family HATED it, now they deny that I ever mentioned it and they absolutely adore it. I think critics will always find something to criticize, so use what you & you partner love!

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