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    I'm with amandaberry and tarah_e. Letting them choose their own names is a wonderful idea. I know a few friends who moved from China to Australia at a young age who did exactly that (Charity, Sarah & Sally), to give themselves an English name on top of their Chinese names. It's worth a try

    Otherwise I wouldn't stray too far away from their original names. Oleg and Olga remind me of Olek and Ola, which are the Polish pet forms of Aleksander and Aleksandra respectively. So perhaps Oleg could be Alec, Alexander or Alistair or Ola could be Sasha, Alexandra, Alessandra etc - variations of Alexander. I also think Olea would be really pretty for Olga. Amy Adams used it as a middle name for her daughter, and the name itself comes from the genus to which olives belong and, according to nameberry, is the Old Hebrew word for night/moon. Olsen/Olson is also an idea.

    Edit: I'm not sure if it's already been suggested, but another path you could take is names (like Olga and Oleg) that mean holy. Some ideas:
    Ariadne/Ariana/Arianne - Neven/Nevin/Nevan - Tanwen (holy fire) - Sancia (sacred)
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    You've got three posts about different children you're adopting, and no news or proof that you actually have, plus your posts are confusing and riddled with spelling mistakes? I smell troll.
    Collecting, not expecting! Favorite names change frequently.

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