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    I don't know much about overseas adoption (or adoption at all for that matter) so I have a few questions. When will you get to see/meet them in person? Do you know yet if they speak any English? I think, depending on how old they are, they should have a say in name change/be able to help choose their new names. I'm not super great at suggesting good sib sets, which is why I come on here for advice haha, but as far as Mischa's suggestions go, I love Gavin, Ian, Miranda, and Fallon. Out of those, I think Ian and Miranda go well together. I don't find it too I important to match all of the names as a family, because all of your children are individuals first, so I don't think you need to stress too much about matching. Hope I helped!
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    Your first children have names that begin with the same letter--would you like your new adoptees to have names that also begin with C? I like quite a few of the earlier suggestions.

    Chelsea, Connor:

    Claire, Camden
    Caitlin, Corbin
    Calla, Christopher

    Or, are you interested in naming them with a different letter, but choosing the same letter for both of their names?

    Chelsea, Connor:

    Danielle, Dylan
    Mallory, Michael
    Rachel, Ryan
    Paige, Patrick
    Lauren, Logan
    Brooke, Brandon

    Other names I think go well with Chelsea and Connor:
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    I like that you will be using their birth names in the mn slot. Have you considered making a list of 2-3 names for their other mn and allowing them to choose from that list?
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    wow congrats! we were going to adopt our first but ended up using ivf, adoption is such a blessing! So special. I'd let them pick english names themselves.

    couldn't help but look back and see you were adopting from ukraine, have they chanegd their rules? Back when we looked at it you didn't get a referral before you hit there then you didn't have long at all from looking at the files to the child/ren being placed, like only a matter of days. I kind of liked their system!
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    So from what I understand from what you've said, they know (and look forward to) getting new names when they come to America? If so, if it were me I would let them help chose their new names. They probably haven't had much decision power in their own lives up til now and I think that would be a great way to welcome them to America and their family. Since they probably won't have much knowledge of American names you could make a list of names you like, then let them chose from that maybe?
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    I love the idea of letting them pick out their name! Definitely having a nice long list of names you'd like and having the child choose would be so special! Then you could be sure it is something they really like.

    Would you mind listing some of your favorites so we can get an idea of your style?
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