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    Quote Originally Posted by sheena12 View Post
    I am not asking for a debate about changing the names of adopted children.

    We do ot like those names an they would sound strange with our existing childrens names. e want them to fit in, an like other parenys, we want the joy of giving them their first gift - a name.
    Yes I see you want the joy of giving them names. But you adopt those children, adoptive children come with a past and their name is part of that. It's about them, not about you wanting to name them.

    You could change Oleg to Alec, I think that isn't a huge difference and an Alec would fit in. So, if it really is about them fitting in and not having weird names in their new country, you should go with that. Olga could go by Ollie.

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    They come with a past that is not so great. And they have a FUTURE. That will be brighter and free of what ever tragedies plagued their past.

    We are not looking for O names, but for names that would fit with our existing children an with their new culture. If children do not want to be adopted by prospective parents in this country. they don't have to. By this age all of the kids know others who have bee adopted and that most receive an "American" first name. They look forward to it.

    What we are looking for are names that will fit in - older adopted children really want this, they are used to being made fun of by school mates for living in the orphanage

    Names that will sound good to them and to us - so that rules out any very unusual names, or names that translate into words in their own language.

    Our children are Connor David and Chelsea Grace. We are adopting a sib set of two. The first names will be third names.

    We think it's best that the names blend well and do not sound like random kids - but like a family. Pretty much the way everyone else does. I came here for advice, the way everyone else has.

    Teenagers are given advice here for children who the don't have yet. I would adoption would be taken seriously - as seriously as naming children who don't yet exist.

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    Thank you Misha! Are you Eastern European? I like many of your ideas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Their names are Olga and Oleg. Period. Don't like it? Well, honestly...too bad. It's just sadistic to take their names as well.
    augusta lee that is a very harsh comment, I know this lady from the first time that she posted on nameberry, and she is a thoughtful, caring lady. I think you owe her an apology.


    PS I have only just found this thread and I have come to it late but I will not accept this kind of remark from an uninformed person posting such comments; that is not the nameberry way.

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