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    Worse names for a sibset from Eastern Europe.

    A family came forward for the first sib set and now we have another. Those names were cake compared to these.

    I have some least favorite names in any culture - and these are them.:cry:

    For girls - Mildred, Bertha, Eunice, Marge, Gertrude and Olga. The girl's name is Olga.

    For boys Floyd, Cloyd, Elmer, Dwight, Norman and Oleg. His name is Oleg.

    I don't really love any names beginning with an O. Olivia is tired to my ears as is Oliver. Never was much of a fan of the wildly popular Olivia anyway. And now it's more popular than either of my children's names ever were - Connor and Chelsea never reached number one on any list.

    So now there are two to be named that must - to me - sound good together. This time is worse than the last and 2 makes it more difficult than three.

    Does anyone have the patients to help me this time around?

    Oh even in their homeland hardly anyone under 60 is named Oleg. Olga is getting rare also.

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