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    I grew up with a girl adopted as a baby from overseas whose parents chose to keep the name she was born with, but add a little to it, so her name reflected both her biological heritage and her new family. I agree with augusta_lee: adopted kids should keep their names, especially when they're older and are used to their names. Is there any way you could learn to love the names, as part of the kids' identities? I actually think Olga is very sweet, and both names mean holy which is nice, and there's the sweet nn Ollie from Oleg if you really can't live with it.

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    I am not asking for a debate about changing the names of adopted children.

    We do ot like those names an they would sound strange with our existing childrens names. e want them to fit in, an like other parenys, we want the joy of giving them their first gift - a name.

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    I don't understand the first post. A family has a sibset and you will have one too? So I am guessing you are having twins? And those names (whose names are those?) are cakes (is that good or bad)?

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    sheena12 - I see a few problems with your posts. First, you're assuming that everyone has been following all of your previous posts. I only understood this one because I went back and read an old one of yours. You had the opportunity to adopt a sibset of 3, but that fell through. Now you are adopting a sibset of 2 - a boy and girl. The previous sibset requested American names, but from what I can tell, this one did not. Correct?

    I think you need to review your posts before you publish. They have mistakes that make them difficult to read, or make them confusing.

    Also, you're asking for advice, which people are going to give. That advice will include whether or not they think you should change a grown child's name. You seem to have very strong feelings about names - so strong that you don't appear open to much feedback. Saying, "I can't live with a name that starts with V" is not going to win you many friends. No one likes to have their suggestions bashed. You might want to consider a different forum if you don't like the responses you're getting here.

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    I also don't really understand the question, but I wanted to say that Olga is an awesome name! I know a couple beautiful girls who are Spanish speakers with that name. It's fun!

    How old are the children?
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