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    H: Nathaniel Isaac "Nate" Piper

    W: Stellyn Vesta Piper

    Roll*dice for number of children, then roll for gender of each. Odd - boy.*Even*- girl.
    Six! B, B, B, B, G, B

    C#1 (B) Crosby James Piper
    C#2 (B) Finn Brantley Piper
    C#3 (B) Marco Simeon Piper
    C#4 (B) Kenneth Hart Edison Piper
    C#5 (G) Sasha Avery Piper
    C#6*(B) Wilfred Jacob Piper

    Nate, Stellyn, Crosby, Finn, Marco, Kenny, Sasha, and Will.
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    LN: Prince

    DH: Samuel Isaac (Sam)
    DW: Elizabeth Hera (Lizzy)

    girl, boy, girl, boy, boy

    DD: Electra Alice (Elle)
    DS: Charlie Finn
    DD: Mariana Beatrix (Annie)
    DS: Harry Jasper Edison
    DS: Byron Ash (Ash)

    Elle, Charlie, Annie, Harry & Ash.
    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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    LN: Potter
    Husband's name: Samuel Gordon
    Wife’s Name: Reese Aurora

    #1: Boy
    Russell Charles

    #2: Boy
    Eli Jameson

    #3: Girl/ Girl twins
    Penelope Christiana & Valentina Emmeline

    #4: Boy
    Arthur Byron Gatsby

    #5: Girl
    Sasha London

    #6: Girl
    Miranda Sabrina

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