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    My choice is Azalea! To me Azalea is exotic and feels "cool"(as in the temperature). Very pretty!

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    Veronica is hard to pin down-- has an air of mystery about it. Centuries of use as a pious saints name, yet also purposefully selected to represent a femme fatale. I do picture someone with dark hair (Archie comics' fault, sorry). It also feels like a Catholic name to me.

    Azalea to me sounds like one of many hipster boho botanical names, with no real history in English naming. It's inseparable from the plant. To me, it's a "trying too hard" name.

    And fwiw-- I think your entire list both goes well with Felix, and is quite usable (with the exception of Thisbe-- I think that could turn into anything from "kiss me" to "lesbo" in the 6th grade very fast). Penelope, Ariadne, and Bianca are fantastic. Probably doesn't help you.

    Nicknames for Veronica-- I like Nica and Vivi.
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    namenerdia~ Thank you for pointing out the rich history of the name Veronica! Your posts have made me fall in love with the name a little harder. My husband thanks you too ;-)

    scarlettrobin~ I do think the symbolism of the flower, Azalea, is great. We are thinking about having it as the middle name.

    blade~ Thanks for your input! And glad to hear you think the other names on my list would go with Felix as well. Thisbe is just a guilty pleasure name for me. However, we have thought about using it as a middle.

    What middle name would you pair with Veronica? And I still don't know what we would use as a nickname. I really don't like "Ronnie" and "Vera" seems like it's own name instead of just an occasional nickname/pet name. :-/
    ~Mother to Felix & Gus <3

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