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    Definitely Azalea! I think Felix and Azalea make a great pair, and Azalea just feels so fresh and memorable to me. To me, Veronica doesn't feel timeless at all, it feels very dated to the 80s/90s... Although I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just that that's when it was most popular. But I knew a Veronica that completely destroyed the name for me, and I just can't appreciate it at all, sorry. I vastly prefer Vera and Verity.
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    Azalea is waaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better..Oni is horrifing

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    I'm afraid I must agree with Eos that Veronica sounds like a mean girl name. Plus there's that Hannukah song, which isn't bad- actually kind of fun.
    Azalea has a nice sound. The Z in Azalea stands up to the X in Felix. Azaleas are rather humble plants, not my favorite, but maybe you have a special connection to the flower? Veronica on the other hand, is a wonderful genus. Bright blue, attracts butterflies. Also called Speedwell.
    What about Zinnia? A great flower and a great sound, would go well with Felix.

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    Oh, that's a tough one! I like them both. I really like the suggestion above of Zinnia, it would be super cool with Felix!

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    Girl names are just so hard for me! I grew up with a girl called Oni, and she was a pretty cool character, which is why I love the nickname. One minute I am in love with Veronica/Oni and the next I'm in love with Azalea. I have also been thinking of using them both... Veronica Azalea. If Felix was a girl we were thinking Bianca... My true love is Olivia, always has been. But it's just too popular! I want to love a name like I love Olivia.

    Zinnia is pretty, but I feel like I would like it on someone else's baby. I just think it might be too much for me.

    Thanks you guys!
    ~Mother to Felix & Gus <3

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