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    Veronica or Azalea? Name images & Opinions, please!

    Hi Berries! So my husband and I have Veronica and Azalea as our top 2 choices for a girl right now. Which do you prefer, and why? I was wondering what people picture when they hear these names. Also, Veronica would go by "Oni" sometimes.

    This would be a sister for our little boy, Felix
    ~Mother to Felix & Gus <3

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    Veronica is my favorite of the two and I think it fits well with Felix. It is elegant, classic, and timeless. Azalea seems really "southern belle"-like to me and I don't think it would wear as well in adulthood.

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    I like Veronica best with Felix. I picture a spunky, eccentric girl that's well rounded. For Azalea I picture more peaceful, artist, imaginative maybe a big dreamer.

    I don't think you could go wrong with either of the names.

    Good luck!
    Theodore Arthur

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    I'd pick Azalea, obviously! It makes me think of a smart and ambitious but very friendly girl. Veronica makes me think of someone who has a lot of friends and is "cool" because both the Veronicas I've known were like that.
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    Definitely Azalea! Maybe it's the x and the z or the fact that they're both a little spunky, retro, and oh-so-COOL! Veronica kinda sounds like a "mean girl" name. Just my opinion, though.

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