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    Tamera Mowry-Housley and Husband, Adam Housley welcomes!

    Aden John Tanner Housley, on Monday, Nov. 12 9 lbs., 5 oz. and is 21.5 WDYT?

    My It's very common but, it's not too bad. I'd prefer if anything Aidan or Ayden.
    But, then again that would be a last result to choose Aden at all. It was on my list at first but, it's still high on the top 100 list.

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    Meh. How many Aidens and its variants do we need?

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    I was just getting ready to post this! I am in love with his name although it could be because I'm adore his mom. Lol. I've never seen Aiden spelled so simply with the ones that I know. But I like it. They needed a four-letter name because of his dad, Adam (to keep with the Mowry tradition). Only thing I'm confused about is if Aden John is his first name or if John and Tanner are his middle names. I was thinking Aden John is the first name because otherwise it throws off the A.T. thing.
    Super excited for them and their new little cutie! And he IS a cutie!
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    I like it, even if it's an Aiden variant, the simple spelling makes it feel different. It reminds me of Eden, Iden, Ian, etc.
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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