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    I feel your pain -- I had a dream the other night that my currently pregnant cousin announced that she was naming her child the boy name that I have tucked away. Maybe it seems silly, but it was a nightmare to me, and I'm still reacting negatively...and I'm kind of paranoid. I guess it was like one of those dreams where your significant other cheats on you?

    Anyhow, as I said in the big Greer discussion -- I know a Greer, and she's one of those people that everyone likes and thinks is pretty and interesting. It can be pulled off! It has that cool old-Hollywood thing going for it too.

    Out of your other choices, I really like Imogen Kate and Maeve. I've really been liking alliteration lately, and Maeve Moody is really spunky, sweet, and sassy. What if you did a middle name with some sort of nod to Kit, like Maeve Katrina Moody?

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    Greer is great!
    Simple and spunky, totally agree. Sharing your names with family and friends in advance will always give you unsolicited advice. In the U.S. it is less common, but not abstract. I know a couple little girls with the name Greer. Since Greer is more "unisex" just give her a very feminine middle name to balance it.
    Good luck and if you love it others will love it to because they will fall in love with your little girl.

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    I agree that Scarlett and Arlo have too close a sound, and would also be careful of Imogen, though I love it, because of the way people often shorten it to Imo h, again very similar in sound to Arlo. I think Greer is lovely and guess that people might find it hard is because of the association with Germaine Greer, not a bad thing in my opinion! Certainly strong, spunky and with that gorgeous modern/vintage vibe. I'd pair it with a flowery, girly middle name like Sophia or Francesca. Also love Thea. Good luck!

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    I love Greer, and judging by your poll I feel like you have sort of decided on using it? But I liked what someone earlier suggested, Scout. I think that it is so similar to Kit and would be a really sweet name. I think of it as standing alone, but as they wrote it could be short for Scarlett!

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    Greer is cute! Other suggestions:


    Kit is a cute name too. If I were you I would use it as a nickname.

    Kathryn "kit"
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