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    Name taken! So... Scarlett, Thea, Imogen, Greer...?

    What do you think of Greer?
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    I'm so sorry that happened to you! Although it's no ones fault, I can only imagine how devestating that would be. My partner and I aren't even trying for babies yet, but we know if we have a daughter she will be our Claudie, and though no one outside of nameberry knows of our love for the name, if someone I knew ever used it before we got the chance I'd be crushed!

    Having said that, Scarlett, Imogen and Greer are all gorgeous names! What are Scarlett and Imogen like popularity wise in Australia? They're both top 100 names here in the UK so that colours my opinion of them a little.

    I absolutely ADORE Arlo (though my partner vetoed it!) so I have to point out that when I say Scarlett and Arlo, they sound very similar to me, to the point of being awkward to my ears. It's the repeating "arl" sound. For that reason I would rule out Scarlett, but even before I got to your comment about Arlo, Imogen or Greer were going to be my top picks for you.

    They have more of the unsual, quirky charm of Kit for me. Imogen is super popular here like I said, so if it's the same in Australia obviously that takes away some of the quirkiness of the name.

    Greer - it is a love/hate name, or a Marmite name lol. I hated it at first, couldn't undertsand how anyone liked it. It had a harsh, masculine sound, it almost felt like I was growling when I said it. Then slowly I found myself drawn to it, and wanting to say the name, and I loved saying it! Then it became one of my favourited for a long time! I think it's a "grower". It's a name a lot of people have a negative reaction to initially and then it really grows on them, as with me and your partner. Now I see it as strong, but glamorous, unusal, and sophisticated. I love it! And it embodies the things you love about Kit the most to me of your choices.

    I say be brave, and go with Greer. If you called her something like Greer Genevieve, Greer Giselle, Greer Gabrielle, Greer Gwendolen etc, you could call her Gigi as a nickname which might seem more "approachable" and friendly, and certainly gives her another option!

    You also didn't mention Thea in your post but she's in the subject title and I have to say I LOVE her (see my signature, she's there!). She has a very simialr sound to Greer, but is a little softer, friendlier, and possibly easier to live with. She also sounds great with Arlo and is still very underused so I think you should definitely consider her!

    Good luck
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    I prefer Scarlett and Imogen over Greer. Greer to me is a surname and I've just never been able to get behind it as a girl's name. Both Scarlett and Imogen are very pretty though and I don't think you can go wrong with either.

    That being said, if I were you, I would still use Kit (or use Katherine, Christina or Keturah with the nickname Kit). So what if your friends also used it? Friends come and go (sad but true) and I don't think you should let go of your favorite name just because someone else used it. I would just let them know in advance and if they get upset, oh well.

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    How sad that you favorite name was taken! I think Greer is sweet, and it would grow on people once they see her. If you love it, don't let society's expectations scare you away from it! People will get used to it, and many will appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of the name. Those who don't like it...who cares? I'm sure none of us like EVERY name we hear, but for as many people as hate the name Greer, you will find lots of other people who LOVE it. You're not choosing a horrible name that is vulgar, difficult to pronounce or spell, or has teasing potential. Keep it on your list! Other suggestions you might like:


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    (This is most likely not helpful, but I have a little niece named Katherine and her nickname is Kit-Kat... just putting that out there for you.)
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