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    Paloma - cool, but one time a commenter here on the boards mentioned it reminded them of a tumor... since -oma is a suffix added to names of cancers (carcinoma, etc.). Yikes. I can't shake that imagery now.
    Keturah - really cool! What does it mean?
    Magdalen - I like that it's a unique full name for a Maggie, but I tend not to like full names that aren't very wearable on their own. Magdalen is kind of a mouthful.
    Ola - Spanish-speaking person saying "hello." Not a fan.
    Camille - classic and seems underused today, without checking its top 1000 status.
    Harper - an "original" name that isn't at all anymore. Way, way too trendy.
    Stella - a classic making a pretty strong comeback. Seems like lots of celebs have chosen it. Too commonly used today for my taste, but it is a nice name.
    Ocean - agree with pp that if you're gonna go there you need to make it feminine, a la Oceane. I'd prefer to see it as a mn.
    Verity - It makes me think of Jesus. "Verily I say unto you..." Doesn't seem like a name to me.
    Snow - cool as a mn. I don't really like it as a first. Unless there were a cool story behind it... like it was a freak snowstorm on the day of her birth, or mom and dad met on the ski slopes or something.
    Lux - Getting trendy. I'm okay with it as a mn.
    Calla - I think someone saw that blog post the other day with several of these names, huh? This is a great one from that list. Very unique without being too out-there. Great choice. Hope it stays uncommon!
    Verbena - Could see it as a mn. Don't like the sound of it for a first.
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    Paloma- I love the meaning and very pretty.
    Keturah- sounds a little made-up to me.
    Magdalen- nice but I prefer Magdelena.
    Ola- makes me think of hola.
    Camille- personally I find it borders on pretentious.
    Harper- I like this a lot- it's really spunky and fun and not frilly.
    Stella- dreamy and sweet and makes me think of constellations.
    Ocean- not a huge fan.
    Verity- I like Vera better.
    Snow- very cool and I love how I imagine snowflakes when I hear it.
    Lux- sounds too much like an attempt to sound upscale.
    Calla- sounds very elegant and similar to Ella but more grown up.
    Verbena- I like Verena better. I feel like the b is a little out-of-place.
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    Overall, this is a beautiful list! Some real gems on here.

    Paloma - stunning. This has caught my eye recently. I think it's unusual, but so classy and beautiful.

    Keturah - again, very classy and beautiful, strong roots and unique sound.

    Magdalen - beautiful. Maybe a TAD obviously biblical for me, but I do enjoy it. I think I prefer Magdelena.

    Ola - I can't get on board with this. I live in a heavily Hispanic area and it sounds exactly like Hola.

    Camille - beautiful.

    Harper - dislike. This feels masculine and uber trendy for me.

    Stella - sweet, spunky, vintage.

    Ocean - I like this, but I think I prefer Oceane.

    Verity - one of my all time favorites. It's got sass, but still feels very sophisticated.

    Snow - I don't think I love this up front - I feel like it may suit the middle slot better.

    Lux - Same as Snow, but I do see the appeal of this up front. I remember seeing Luxilie before, I don't know if thats something you would like or not.

    Calla - I like this. It feels grounded and approachable, but still sweet and unusual.

    Verbena - I quite like this. It's very different, but has a sweet, earthy feel.

    Paloma Camille - perfet
    Verbena Lux - love

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    I love the names:


    I'm not crazy about any of the combos, sorry.

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    Paloma, Camille and Calla are absolutely gorgeous.
    Ocean is pretty, but maybe Oceane or Oceana? (Oceane, with an accent over the first e, is pronounced Oh-say-on).
    Lux, Snow and Verity are cool.

    Stella is overdone imo, as well as Harper.

    I dislike Keturah, Magdalen (WAY too clunky for my taste), Ola, and Verbena.

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