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    Opinions on a Few Names -- Please be Honest!

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like some honest opinions on these names! I don't know how well they work or what the general public thinks of them but I thought I'd run it by you berries.


    A few combinations I like:
    Paloma Camille
    Magdalen Lux
    Harper Snow
    Verbena Ocean
    Calla Snow
    Verity Ocean
    Keturah Harper
    Verbena Lux

    Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I like:


    I like these combos:
    Paloma Camille
    Verity Ocean
    Verbena Lux
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    Paloma - pretty Spanish name with a great meaning "dove"

    Keturah - an underused Biblical gem.

    Magdalen - Another Biblical name which is less common than Madeline/Madelyn.

    Ola - A Scandinavian name that reminds me of the Spanish word for hello !Hola!

    Camille - Soft, feminine and lovely.

    Harper - Harsh sounding and trendy

    Stella - A vintage name with spunk and sass

    Ocean - better on a boy. Oceana or the French Océane is ok for a girl.

    Verity - I love this word name that means "truth". It sparkles!

    Snow - I like it better in the middle spot

    Lux - A brand of soap better in the middle.

    Calla - A gorgeous flower name and it's not too common

    Verbena - This nature name is ok but I prefer Calla

    A few combinations I like:

    Paloma Camille - Love
    Magdalen Lux - back-to-back l's. What about Magdalen Snow?
    Harper Snow - Ok
    Verbena Ocean - This combo flows well but it's too wordy.
    Calla Snow - This sounds lovely but it's heavy on the word names.
    Verity Ocean - Sounds nice but it's too wordy. I think one word name per combo is enough.
    Keturah Harper - too much "er/ur"
    Verbena Lux - OK
    All the best,

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    I like: Keturah, Magdalene, Camile, Lux, and Snow's a bit of a GP.

    Magdalen Lux is nice, but I like the E at the end. It feels complete.
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    I've bolded the ones I particularly like. (PS - when it comes to honesty, I can be a bit brutal...I just type what first comes to mind)

    Paloma - sounds like a middle-aged lady, who goes by Pam, standing by some palm trees
    Keturah - sounds ghetto
    Magdalen - Magdalena makes it sound less like a place and more like a name
    Ola - Ooh la la!
    Camille - part Vanille, part Camilla, all French until you shorten it to Cami, making it adorable
    Harper - I will forever harp on how this is not my favorite name, despite the Harper Lee connection
    Stella - not so stellar to me; feels a bit showy
    Ocean - Atlantic or Pacific?
    Verity - apprently this gets mispronounced as Variety (especially Southern accent I could see). Would prefer Vera or Veronica, but this is still very pretty.
    Snow - *shivers*
    Lux - good lucks!
    Calla - Wanted a Callie but didn't know how to get it
    Verbena - Verbally, not very pretty

    For these I'm focusing on flow, since almost all of your names I dislike:
    Paloma Camille - a bit heavy on the "m" and "l", but at least they're both names
    Magdalen Lux - I'm a fan of one-syllable middle names, so this flows nicely
    Harper Snow - Two word names in a little much, I feel
    Verbena Ocean - Something's putting me off...maybe the "n"?
    Calla Snow - callus no is another way to prnounce this
    Verity Ocean - see Harper Snow, but this one is much, much prettier. So much so that I like it.
    Keturah Harper - Harper starts with the same sound as Keturah, making them smush together
    Verbena Lux - better than Verbena Ocean, but I prefer Magdelen Lux
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