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    Thank you again everyone for all of your comments! There was some great advice given!

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    Hmm. Harbor nicknames other than Harry... Arby, Bo, Ari (are-ee)? Abe might be a stretch, I don't know.

    Haven - I think it's beautiful and has a lovely sound. However, because of that, it feels more feminine to me. If you're worried about him encountering girls with the same name, I might think twice about it.

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    I don't really think it sounds like a name... but if I had to choose a gender, I'd think female.

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    Haven is traditionally a boys name..

    My Grandfather came from Ireland with the name Haven Mc Curdy. It is also my Father and brothers first name, as well as my son and nephews middle name. Just because Jessica Alba named her girl that doesn't make it a girls name..but at least its better then Apple. :grin:

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    Short answer: no. The only Haven I know personally is a teenage boy, and he's the rugged, brawny, hunting, fishing, and baseball type.
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