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Thread: Wolfgang

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    DH threw this out on the table tonight. What do you all think? Does it work with the names of our other children or is it too far out there for a child growing up in PA? My kids have names that are generally more unusual compared to their peers, but in general have never had teasing etc. We thought Wolf would be a cool nicname, and both of our boys have curly blond hair (well, Linus's is straighter since being cut, but still very lights) and blue eyes and I could see a "Wolf" looking like them. (If he would of course, the girls have completely different coloring, thus is genetics lol)

    Honest opinions?
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    I love Wolfgang. It's so wild and calls up images of dogsleds. The Mozart thing kind of pushes it over the edge in terms of pretentiousness I fear. But I think if you're really connected to the name you can pull it off. Also if you have a sense of humor about it that helps too. Wolf and Wolfie are pretty wonderful nicknames. The kid will have to be a passionate, daring person to inhabit Wolfgang. The name is a lot to fill out. But I don't think that's a bad thing. Your other kids' names are softer... Actually I think they go from soft to hard, chronologically- from the gentleness of Sebastian to the sharpness of Felix- so maybe Wolfgang is the logical next step.

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    I love Wolfgang and would consider using it myself. I think it would fit in really well with your other children's names. Wolf is a family name for me and everybody always comments on how cool it is to my cousins and relatives who have it. We call the babies "wolf cub" or "cub" as a silly nickname. I was also really good friends with a Wolfie in college. I have nothing but positive associations with the name. Good luck!

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    My husband wants Wolfgang for boy #3 - I have a Felix and a Theodore - and I must confess it's a bit out there for me. I do admire its use and if I had many children to name then I might go for it, but #3 is our last baby and I feel like it's a bit incongruent with Felix and Theodore.

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