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    Magdalena Rose, Theodora June, Josephine Vienna, Eleanor Grey, Mabel Persephone
    Conrad Rafferty, Wolfgang James, Henry Evander, Julian Anthony, Huxley Sebastian

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    1. You're seventeen and an only child. Your mother keeps saying how she'd love to have grandchildren one day but you think you're too young. One day your mother falls ill and you don't think she'll make it through. Remembering your mother's wish you have a one night stand with youe best friend's cousin. You have twin girls. The first born looks just like your mum and the second born has your nose and mouth and the father's eyes. You name them both after your mother and their second name is whatever you like.
    baby G 1: Winnifred Isabella
    baby G 2: Annabelle Isadora

    2. Your mother gets better but is left in a wheelchair. She still dotes on her granddaughters though. When they are seven months old you bump into their dad while at your friend's house and things are awkward for a while but soon you get talking and you see how funny he is. You agree to meet up the following weekend. What is his name?
    Evan William

    3. Your mum agrees to babysit the twins while you meet up with him. You go for a walk by a nearby river and you get to know him better. He makes you feel safe and he makes you laugh like no one else. As the day draws to an end you know you have to tell him about the twins. He's shocked at first but tells you he wants to meet them. He falls in love with them straight away and he tells you he wants you all to be a family. When the twins are 1 year old you find out you're pregnant again. It's twins again! Two more little girls! They are both identical, they have light brown hair and green eyes. Their first names are both long and elegant and their middle names begin with J.

    girl 1: Elizabeth Jane
    girl 2: Cheyenne Jamie

    4. When your daughters are 4 and 3 you decide to try for a boy for your boyfriend. You don't get a boy though, you get three!! The first boy looks like your dad, the second looks like your boyfriend and the third has your eyes and mouth but your boyfriend's nose. The first boy has the initials HD, the second has the initials CG and the third has a popular name for his first name and your boyfriend's name as his middle name.
    boy 1: Hunter Daniel
    boy 2: Carson Gage
    boy 3: Michael Evan

    5. When you kids are 2, 5 and 6 you decide to move closer to your mum because her health is getting worse. Where do you move to?

    6. When the kids are 4, 7 and 8 your mum slips on ice in her wheel chair and gets taken to hospital. She keeps getting worse until she takes her last breath. You're absolutely devastated but two weeks after her funeral your tears of sadness turn to joy when you fin out you're pregnant again. It's just one baby this time. A girl! Her first name is a flower name and her middle name means 'light' or is a spiritual name.
    girl: Daisy Nova

    7. Soon your kids are growing up. Your youngest is four, she is very intelligent and has been reading since she was two and a half. Your triplets are eight, the eldest loves sports and the other two love Science. Your youngest twins are eleven, the older twin is very popular and loves fashion and the younger twin is into drama. And your oldest twins are twelve, they are both the comedians of the household and never take anything seriously. One day you surprise them all by announcing that you are pregnant again! It's another set of twins. A boy and a girl. They both have popular first names and 'vintage' middle names.
    boy: Logan Jasper
    girl: Chloe Mae

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    1. Andra Lily "Andie" and Leighton Anne
    2. Callum Knox
    3. Seraphina Joy and Callendula Jynx
    4. Holden Dex, Cabot George and Jacob Callum
    5. Narragansett, Rhode Island.
    6. Azalea Eden
    7. Blake Sebastian and Mackenzie Josephine
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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    1. Charlotte Johanna Clifford and Madeline Ginevra Clifford *Char* and *Madie*

    2. Michael Gordon Clifford *Mikey*

    3. Eleanor Justine Clifford and Laurel Juliette Clifford *El* and *Laurie*

    4. Hudson Daniel Clifford, Cameron Gabriel Clifford, and Liam Michael Clifford *Hud* *Cam* and *Lee*

    5. London, England, UK

    6. Violet Lux Clifford *Vi* 4

    7. Wyatt Alan Clifford and Sophia Christine Clifford.

    Charlotte (32) married her long time best friend Robert James MacDermont (36). They have been married for 12 years now. Char is a pre-school teacher and does stand-up comedy on the weekends with her Madie. and Robert is a fire fighter. They have two beautiful daughters named Ava Caroline MacDermont and Emma Harper MacDermont. Ava is 11 and Emma is 5.

    Madeline (32) married her boyfriend from college, Benjamin Eli Channing (33). They have been married for 10 years. Madie is a Nurse Practitioner at the local hospital and Ben is the CEO of the hospital. They have 5 beautiful children named; Simon Nathaniel Channing, Henry James Channing, Ella Elizabeth Channing, Olivia Kate Channing, and Noah Edward Channing. Simon and Henry are 7. Ella is 5. Olivia is 2. and Noah is 4 months old.

    Eleanor (31) married her best friend Avery Danielle Harris (33). They Just recently got married. El is a published children's author and Avery is a teen fiction author. They adopted two little boys from Ireland before they got married. Their names are Aiden Ross Clifford-Harris and Lachlan Lee Clifford-Harris. Aiden is 3 and Lachlan is 1.

    Laurel (31) is recently divorced from her husband of 7 years Jensen Michael Fairchild. Laurel is a Lab Tech at the local hospital, she also does plays at the local community theater. She has 2 young children named; Lucas Michael Fairchild and William Finn Fairchild. Luke is 4 and Will is 2.

    Hudson (28) just married his longtime girlfriend Madison Grace Demos. Hudson plays baseball on a major league team and Madison is a stay at home mom to their daughter Carson Georgia Clifford. Carson is 3.

    Cameron (28) and his boyfriend Ian Nathaniel Mackenzie (32) just recently got engaged. Cam is a high school chemistry teacher and Ian is an English teacher at the same school. They don't have any children yet, but are looking to adopt. They do however have a dalmatian puppy named Ruby.

    Liam (28) just proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years Emma Renee Peterson. Liam is an intern at NASA and Emma is a stay at home mom for their daughter Adeline Paige Peterson-Clifford.

    Violet (24) just moved in with her boyfriend Jasper Lee James (27). Violet is just graduated from college and is a publisher at Random House publishing. Jasper also works with her. They have 2 dogs together named Obey and Chewbacca

    Wyatt is 20 and a history major in college. He is currently single and living at home.

    Sophia is 20 and an art major in college. She is loving with her boyfriend Thomas Charles Grant. They have a cat named Bobby.

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    1. Annabel Claire & Grace Emilia. "Annie & Gracie"

    2. Jesse Patrick Swanson.

    3. Theodora Joy & Josephine Jane. "Teddy & Joey"

    4. Henry Dominic, Caspar Gregory & Elijah Jesse.

    5.Wichita, Kansas.

    6. Violet Lucia.

    7. Matthew Frederick & Abigail Cora. "Matty & Cora"

    - Sara Viviene -
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