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    depends on the day and the book...
    DH: Daniel Braddock Quimby (49)
    Eliza Skye (Quimby) Jones - 32, stay-at-home mom and extremely popular blogger with five kids, three boys and two girls
    Beth Kairi (Quimby) Davis - 32, well known traveling comedian with no kids
    Genevieve Joy Quimby - 31, famous fashion designer/model looking for that special someone
    Gwendolyn Jade (Quimby) Harper - 31, famous broadway actress with one little boy
    Henry Darrion Quimby - 28, professional football player with three kids, one boy and two girls
    Calum Gardner Quimby - 28, well known for his work with NASA who isn't married yet
    Liam Daniel Quimby - 28, biology professor with a wife and two beautiful little girls
    Rosie Claire Quimby - 24, studying abroad and embracing her independence
    Mason Atticus Quimby - 20, a rising actor who is new to hollywood, not yet married
    Bridget Amelia Quimby - 20, was a teen mom and has a 2 year old little boy, works as a nurse
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

    mommy to feline furbaby Beatrice Evangeline Rose and her babies Claudia & Cordelia =^.^=

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    1. You're seventeen and an only child. Your mother keeps saying how she'd love to have grandchildren one day but you think you're too young. One day your mother falls ill and you don't think she'll make it through. Remembering your mother's wish you have a one night stand with youe best friend's cousin. You have twin girls. The first born looks just like your mum and the second born has your nose and mouth and the father's eyes. You name them both after your mother and their second name is whatever you like.

    Names: Isla Makinzy & Leah Makinly

    2. Your mother gets better but is left in a wheelchair. She still dotes on her granddaughters though. When they are seven months old you bump into their dad while at your friend's house and things are awkward for a while but soon you get talking and you see how funny he is. You agree to meet up the following weekend. What is his name? Michael Brady

    3. Your mum agrees to babysit the twins while you meet up with him. You go for a walk by a nearby river and you get to know him better. He makes you feel safe and he makes you laugh like no one else. As the day draws to an end you know you have to tell him about the twins. He's shocked at first but tells you he wants to meet them. He falls in love with them straight away and he tells you he wants you all to be a family. When the twins are 1 year old you find out you're pregnant again. It's twins again! Two more little girls! They are both identical, they have light brown hair and green eyes.

    Names: Emmelynn Josephine & Abigaile Jadyn "Emmy & Abby"

    4. When your daughters are 4 and 3 you decide to try for a boy for your boyfriend. You don't get a boy though, you get three!! The first boy looks like your dad, the second looks like your boyfriend and the third has your eyes and mouth but your boyfriend's nose. The first boy has the initials HD, the second has the initials CG and the third has a popular name for his first name and your boyfriend's name as his middle name.

    Names: Holden Daniel, Carter Gus & Kolten Brady

    5. When you kids are 2, 5 and 6 you decide to move closer to your mum because her health is getting worse. Where do you move to? A small suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. (She lives in Phoenix)

    6. When the kids are 4, 7 and 8 your mum slips on ice in her wheel chair and gets taken to hospital. She keeps getting worse until she takes her last breath. You're absolutely devastated but two weeks after her funeral your tears of sadness turn to joy when you fin out you're pregnant again. It's just one baby this time. A girl! Her first name is a flower name and her middle name means 'light' or is a spiritual name.

    Name: Lilee Elaina

    7. Soon your kids are growing up. Your youngest is four, she is very intelligent and has been reading since she was two and a half. Your triplets are eight, the eldest loves sports and the other two love Science. Your youngest twins are eleven, the older twin is very popular and loves fashion and the younger twin is into drama. And your oldest twins are twelve, they are both the comedians of the household and never take anything seriously. One day you surprise them all by announcing that you are pregnant again! It's another set of twins. A boy and a girl. They both have popular first names and 'vintage' middle names.

    Names: Noah Aiden & Ava Khloe

    8. 20 years on. You can list their children and occupations if you like
    Isla & Jack Isla is a stay at home mom until Liam turns 3. She will then go back to her job as a Neonatologist. Jack is a lawyer.
    Isabella Kate (2) "Ella"
    Piper Nicole (2)
    Liam Brad (not born)

    Leah & Nicholas "Nick" Leah is a pre-school teacher and daycare provider. Nick is a surgeon.
    Savannah Ainslee (6)
    Sienna Raine (6)
    Scarlett Willow (3) "Carley"
    Spencer James (2)

    Emmy & Tanner Emmy is a famous fashion designer and model. Tanner is in the NFL.
    Landon Oliver (3)
    Gabriel Owen "Gabe" (1)
    Hailee Makaila (1)
    Tessa Nova (1)

    Abby & Jason Abby is an actress. Jason works with Jack as a lawyer.
    Devyn Sophia (6)
    Londyn Sierra (6)
    Brandyn Skye (6) "Brandy"
    Kiyah Jade (3)
    Mia Josie (1)

    Holden & Selena Holden is doctor. Selena is a famous artist.
    Harley Farrah (5)
    Brielle Delilah (3)
    Cameron Jude (not born)
    Luke Josiah (not born)

    Carter & Lauren Carter is a child psychologist. Lauren is an adoption counselor.
    Brooklyn Sadie (9) (Lauren had Brooke when she was a teenager)
    Tegan Riley (7)
    Eden Kara (4)
    Zachary Chase (2)

    Kolten & Katie Kolten is in the NBA. Katie is a journalist.
    Ezra Blake (8)
    Lila Madelyn (6)
    Collin Ryder (4)
    Bennett Evan (3)
    Madilynne Harper (1) "Madi"
    Aubrey Kayla (1)

    Lilee & Henry Lilee is a stay-at-home mom. Henry is a Professional Football Coach.
    Declan Elijah (4)
    Adalyn Sofie "Addie" (1)
    Evelyn Penelope "Evie" (1)

    Noah & Molly Noah is a stay-at-home dad. Molly is an actress.
    Katelyn Ruby "Kaylee" (3)
    Adam Brody (1)
    Maxwell Cooper "Max" (not born)

    Ava & Joe Ava is model. Joe is soccer coach.
    Liam Kaleb (7)
    William Emmett "Will" (4)
    Cole Nathan (2)
    Stella Caralyn (not born)
    Reagan Sara (not born)

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    Me: Alouette Marie Szabó.
    Mother: Josephine Dianne Szabó.
    Best Friend: Tiffani Jada Horváth.
    Tiffani's Cousin: Kenzo Marius Horváth.

    1. Josie Brianna Horváth, Comedian.
    - DH: Flint Micheal Varga.
    ... Livia Katherine Varga.

    2. Diana Leah Horváth, Talk Show Host.
    - DH: Wade Marshall Kiss, Personal Care Aide.
    ... Kylan Jamie Kiss.
    ... Olive Michelle Kiss.
    ... Casey Edmund Kiss.
    ... Heath Jamal Kiss.

    3. Catharina Jessamine Horváth, Fashion Designer.
    - DH: Noel Christopher Molnár, Clinical Social Worker.
    ... Kenzie Alissa Molnár.
    ... Kai Darius Molnár.

    4. Damiana June Horváth, Actress.
    - DH: Jakob Markus Németh, Business Operations Manager.
    ... Nevada Alexander Németh.
    ... Cheyenne Marissa Németh.

    5. Hirsch Dean Horváth, Professional Soccer Player.
    - DW: Samantha Beatrice Horváth, Loan Officer.
    ... Finnian Lysander Horváth.
    ... Aurelia Kelsey Horváth.
    ... Dana Melissa Horváth.

    6. Clark Gregory Horváth, Chemist.
    - DW: Amaya Rosanna Horváth, Meeting, Convention, & Event Planner.
    ... Theodore Marcus Horváth.
    ... Kimberly Rosemarie "Kim" Horváth.
    ... Eleonora May "Nora" Horváth.

    7. Brandon Kenzo Horváth, High School Biology Teacher.
    - DW: Daniella Bethany Horváth, Mental Health Counselor.
    ... Bowen Victor Horváth.
    ... Celine Cathryn Horváth.

    8. Iris Elizabeth Horváth, Author.
    - DW: Clara Bernice Farkas, Nursing Aide.
    ... Eli Olivier Farkas-Horváth.

    9. Keira Berenice Horváth, Executive Assistant.
    - DH: Dane Patrick Balogh, Sales Representative.
    ... Ada Annemarie Balogh.

    10. Liam Roger Horváth, Financial Analyst.
    - DW: Misty Lee Horváth, Architect.
    ... Jasper Grigori Horváth.
    ... Evan Georg Horváth.

    Home: Cranston, Rhode Island.

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    Proud Aunt of

    April Michelle⚜️Gage Anthony⚜️Garrett Mitchell⚜️Sky-Lynn Marie⚜️Sophia Lynn Ann

    Everly May ♔ Clementine Adair ♔ Astoria Frances ♔ Harper Dawn ♔ Darcy Elaine ♔ Gemma Skye ♔

    Abraham Noel ♛ Caleb Oden ♛ Wesley Harold ♛ Hugo Arthur ♛ Julian James ♛ Finnegan Maxwell ♛ Alfie Grey

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