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    Nova and Luna???

    Are Nova and Luna too matchy for twin girls?

    Both obviously have astronomical meanings (what we were looking for) as well as the same number of letters and ending in a -A.
    Do they 'go' or are they in danger of being to contrived.

    I'm thinking along the lines of

    Luna Hermione Callista



    Nova Josephine ...

    I would really appreciate some thoughts and suggestions. Astronomical x Literary please.

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    Hmm, I like them together. One thought is that Luna is a lot more popular than Nova, that might concern me more than the "matching issues". Luna and Stella are "better" matched in that way, although that might be too much - I kind of like it, and kind of don't.

    Individually, they are both nice names. I think you can do it. For other star names, I've been loving Sitara lately. Nova and Sitara.

    I've been keeping a list of "star names" lately:

    Some pairings that match two rarer names and maybe aren't as obvious are:

    Nova and Lyra
    Nova and Tana
    Nova and Vega
    Nova and Alya
    Nova and Azha

    Pairing two more familiar and less obvious names:

    Luna and Danica
    Luna and Roxana
    Luna and Tara

    This list of other plantes' moons is also helpful

    Luna and Phoebe might be nice - besides being a moon of one of the planets, I believe the name Phoebe was associated with the Greek moon goddess.

    Luna and Selene/Luna and Selena might be good for a similar reason.

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    I love Nova and Luna! They're two of my favorite names. I think they go great together, but Luna is a lot more common than Nova so I probably wouldn't pair them together. I love the astronomical, celestial theme!

    What about:

    Nova & Aster
    Nova & Lux
    Nova & Aurora - Aurora's becoming a lot more popular though..

    Luna & Stella - "moon and star"
    Luna & Selena
    Luna & Celeste

    I'm not the best at coming up with combos, but what about Luna Hermione Callista and Stella Juliet/te Carys?

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    Luna & Aurora might be another way to go!

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    I love Luna & Nova! While Luna is more popular I still think it's a great set
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