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    Cool Opinions of these names?

    What do you think?

    Cyra- I like the sigh-ruh pronunciation, but do you guys like Syrah better?
    Zella- Does this sound made-up? I believe it is African in origin.
    Zelina- Too much like Selina/Selena? I don't like that.
    Stele- It's stell-lee. Alternative to trendy Stella?
    Poppy- Too childish?

    Just wanted to see other people's opinions.
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    Cyra -- I think Syrah or sigh-ruh is gorgeous! One of my favorite new names. It's really pretty.
    Zella -- For some reason I don't like this one. Yes, it sounds made up, like trying too hard to be distinctive, because Ella and Isabella are mega-popular, and then if you call a kid Zella it makes it sound like you are purposely trying to be trendy and different, which, with a name like Zella, isn't the best vibe.
    Zelina -- For some reason, I'm not feeling this name either. Yes, it resembles Selena. I am not a big fan of Selena/Selina either! I really like the name Celine, though. Zeline would be VERY rare and interesting.
    Stele -- Very interesting, but Stell-lee sounds like a nickname for Stella. It's really cool though, but yeah, a bit nicknamey. I like Stelle, or Estelle too as alternatives to Stella. Stella is a really nice name though.
    Poppy -- I didn't think it was too childish before I came across Nameberry. I really like Poppy and think it would be okay. There is no reason not to use it. Poppy may suit a little girl best, but I can see it on a teenager and even on a woman (especially on a young woman & an elderly woman). It works for me!

    I hope this helped.

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    I don't like Poppy at all. Stele looks/sounds made up. I'd use Stella if you like it. Not a fan of Zelina, but do like Celine, as another poster mentioned.

    Zella is my favorite of the names you mentioned.

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    I like Cyra (spelled this way) but none of the others...

    Poppy is ok.. but i dont think it ages well
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    I quite like Zella; doesn't sound made-up to me at all, although I recall one day it popped into my head while I was trying to think of a Z name for something, and I thought it sounded neat.

    Not really a fan of the sigh-ruh pronunciation with Cyra, my mind insists on saying seer-rah, like a feminine version of Cyril. My mind can only register Stele as an awkward spelling of Steel(e), Zelina is okay, but Poppy just drives me nuts.
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